Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

Application Form Rented Accommodation Mkt Harborough
Application Form Rented Accommodation Loughborough

Application Form Rented Accommodation Leicester
General Information for Prospective Tenants
Tenant Fees
Landlord Fees

Kibworth Tender Form

20 Deacon Street – Planning Permission
20 Deacon Street – Plans and elevations
20 Deacon Street – Section 106

Gynsill Court, Gynsill Lane, Anstey
326-3-1 Site Access Design (from Transport Assessment)
1343 P 01 Location
1343 P02 Rev D – Illustrative Site Layout in DN
1343 P02 Rev E – latest pre-decision Illustrative Site Layout
00 PV Planning Statement
01 PV Design and Access Statement Final v2 RevA small
02 Highways Statement Oct 2013
Arboricultural Survey Sep 2013 version
Archaeological Report July 2013
Ecological Survey Oct 2013 version
Entrance Road Feasability Report Apr 2014
Flood Risk Assessment Nov 2013
Noise Impact Assessment Jul 2013
G15065 Gynsill Report on Ground Conditions May 2015
GL5065 Geotechnical Letter addendum 7 Sept 2015
Decision Notice – 13th February 2015
Signed Section 106 Agreement – 6th February 2015

Planning and Development – St. Saviours Church and Neighbourhood Centre

St. Saviours Brochure Covering Letter
St Saviours Sales brochure
St Saviours Planning Brief
App.3. St Saviours Tree Preservation Order
App.4. St Saviours Sketch Layout Plan
App.4 Neighbourhood Centre Floor Plan
App.6. Listing Description for Church
App.7. – Statement of Significance
St. Saviours Church Structural Condition Report
Neighbourhood Centre Structural Condition Report
St. Saviours Tower and Spire Inspection Report
Neighbourhood Centre EPC Certificate
Neighbourhood Centre EPC Report
New Uses for Closed Churches
Worship by Non-Christian Faiths
Church Buildings Council Letter
Church Buildings Council Report
Asbestos report for St. Saviours Church
Standard Restrictive Covenants
Trial hole Report 2016

Development Opportunity – Seymour House
Burton on the Wolds

Seymour House Site Plan
Seymour House, Proposed Elevations
Seymour House, Existing & Proposed Floorplans
Seymour House Topo Survey (Existing)
Seymour House Plot 1 Details
Seymour House Plot 2 Details
Seymour House Plot 3 Details
Seymour House Plot 4 Details
Seymour House Plot 5 Details

Seymour House Plot 6 Details
Seymour House Plot 5 & 6 Details
Seymour House Existing Elevations (Barns)
Seymour House Proposed Elevations (Barns)

Seymour House Building Survey (Barns)

MI1062-003A Illustrative Masterplan – For Exhibition