February 14, 2017

Over 100,000 new homes needed in Leicestershire by 2036


Close to 120,000 new homes will need to be built in Leicester and Leicestershire in the next 20 years according to the latest Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment (HEDNA).

Local authorities and the Local Enterprise Partnership commissioned the HEDNA to guide housing planning decisions between 2011 and 2036. The assessment used a range of statistics to reach the figure. Statistics including population, demographic trends and household and economic growth projections were used to judge the amount of new housing needed.

Because of the growing population and demand for property in Leicestershire, the amount of new housing needed by 2036 is a significant 117,900; 4,716 every year from 2011. Strides towards meeting the target number of homes are already in place with a range of developments having taken place in Leicestershire in the past six years.

The high-level document also says that the housing needs to cater for a larger proportion of older people and underlines the need for a mixture of housing types to boost home ownership.

Where will the new houses be?

The eight Leicestershire districts: Charnwood, Melton, Harborough, Oadby and Wigston, Blaby, Hinckley and Bosworth, North West Leicestershire and City of Leicester will now work on plans for where the land for new homes will be.

Every year up until 2036, Leicester will accommodate 1,700, Charnwood 994 and Harborough 514. The rest will be spread across the remaining districts.

As well as residential property, the assessment also identified a need for up to 530 acres of land for new office developments, more than 400 acres for manufacturing, and 290 acres of land for warehouse and distribution floor space in Leicestershire.

More information about the assessment can be found in the HEDNA Main Report January 2017

Midland housing developments

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