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A day in the life of Senior Letting Negotiator, Dimple Johal

Wed 14 December 2022

Senior Lettings Negotiator, Dimple Johal, from Andrew Granger & Co’s Market Harborough lettings team happened to apply for a job in lettings in London 12 years ago and hasn’t looked back. In our latest blog, she tells us why she’s found the right career for her.


What made you chose this industry and area of work?

I wouldn’t say I chose this industry I just happened to fall into it. I was working as a recruitment agent and whilst it was exciting and fun, I found the pressure of hitting high targets quite stressful. My friend who was working with an estate agent at the time said they had an opening for a lettings administrator, which involved drawing up the new tenancy agreements and completing the referencing etc and I really enjoyed it. I progressed from there into property management and got my ARLA qualifications as I am always eager to learn more. Knowledge = power. I really feel that I was meant to find that job.

Being born and having lived in London for majority of my life, I also worked with London estate agents, so a lot of my service training comes from there. Its fast paced and you must be tenacious when it comes to making landlords spend their money. This is where knowledge really helps as we get to recite the law and remind people of their legal obligations. When I moved to Leicester in 2019, I found everyone so much more laid back, so I adapt my approach accordingly.


How does your working day start?

With a massive cup of coffee (or two), and by checking my emails before I read up on any latest property news. Before that, driving to work and doing a bit of solo car karaoke! Ha-ha…


What can a typical day involve for you?

That’s a difficult one as there isn’t really a ‘typical’ day - each day is so different. It starts off by checking any emails and focus on any urgent maintenance issues first. ‘Urgent maintenance issues’ being boiler breakdowns (during winter months) and water leaks etc. We then do property inspections and arrange any other maintenance queries that have been bought to our attention. We also do final property inspections and any necessary deposit negotiations. As a team we are constantly in touch with landlords, tenants, and contractors as well as each other.  One big emergency job can delay our whole day.


What do you like most about your job?

I really enjoy working in lettings and particularly in property management, I enjoy the challenge, the way no two days are the same – it’s almost like the excitement of ‘what am I coming into today’.

I like how diverse the role is and the new challenges we must face each day. I also love speaking to clients and building a rapport with them.


What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

The most challenging part of the job must be that people can forget that we are human too. We often find that some people are not realistic with their expectations, i.e., if the boiler breaks down at 10am, by 10.30am we get calls telling us its unacceptable how long it is taking. But they forget that we must seek permission from the landlord, speak to contractors, check contractor availability – it’s not as simple as waving a magic wand - as much as I would love it to be that easy.

Oh! And the forever changing law! They tend to just spring it on us, not giving much time at all. This confuses clients – we get the famous line “we didn’t need this last year why do I need to do this now?” – because the law has changed again!


What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I love working out, going for long scenic walks, cooking – I love taking care of people. I guess I have a nurturing personality. I lift weights in the gym as a stress reliever and for fun and I enjoy pushing myself beyond the limit. I recently hit my personal best, which was 90kg single leg, leg press. I find that lifting weights make me feel strong, both physically and mentally. I also do a lot of spinning classes – I’m starting to feel like I’m addicted to being challenged!


Are you an early bird or a night owl?

This is hard! I’m not an early bird but I wouldn’t say a night owl either.  If I had to pick, then I guess it would have to be night owl. Inspiration tends to hit me at the most bizarre times.


Dimple forms a crucial part of Andrew Granger & Co’s knowledgeable and busy Market Harborough lettings department. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, the team would be very happy to assist you if you’re looking to let or let out a property in Market Harborough and the surrounding areas. Find out more and get in touch at