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Andrew Granger & Co explain all you need to know about hedge and tree funding

Wed 26 October 2022

As, between November and March is advised as the ideal time to plant new trees and hedgerows, we thought it would be helpful to share information on The Woodland Trust backed schemes to help landowners and farmers.

The MOREhedges scheme will subsidise up to 75% of the cost if you plant 100 metres or more of new hedging and allow a large tree to grow every six metres.

To be eligible you must plant at least 100 metres of new hedgerow in a single run, and the new hedging must connect with:

  • at least 0.2 hectares of existing or newly planted woodland (0.1ha in Scotland).
  • woodland via established hedgerows within 500m of the new hedge.

The Woodland Trust offer a further scheme called MOREwoods which is funded by Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland as part of a broader commitment to plant one million trees a year over the next decade.

Again, the scheme will cover up to 75% of costs where 500+ trees are planted as woodland on at least half a hectare.

MOREwoods funding is designed to create new habitat for wildlife across the UK. Eligible projects must plant:

  • at least 0.5 hectares of new woodland and
  • 1000-1600 trees per hectare.

There is no maximum size limit, although larger projects may be advised of other grant schemes available.

Along with funding, the trust can help you design your woodland, create a bespoke species mix, and supply the agreed trees and tree protection – similarly with the hedging as well.

You can find out more about MOREhedges and MOREwoods here, as well as additional financial help with the management of hedgerows within the Countryside Stewardship here.

Andrew Granger & Co’s rural team can advise on a whole host of grants and subsidies offered to landowners and farmers to help both them and the environment, as an ongoing pledge from the Government and The Woodland Trust. Find out more at