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Andrew Granger & Co explain why having ‘vision’ could save you thousands of £££££’s

Wed 4 August 2021

The last year has changed many things for many people, none more so than priorities when it comes to moving and choosing a new home.

Out of town and city locations, more garden, more flexible living space, and a working from home space are all important factors now and the list varies and goes on.

You may feel that your dream home is out of reach financially but we’re here to tell you that simply having vision when considering and viewing properties could help to make your dream home a reality.

Here are our top tips:

Location is key over everything as you can change the property itself but not the location.

View anything within your budget that ticks your key boxes – location, garden size, off road parking, suitable schools etc. as you can always look to reconfigure property layouts, extend a property to add more space later, or change the property exterior.

A property may not be decorated to your taste or have the kitchen or bathroom that you’d personally choose but these can be easily changed. Focus on the natural light, space, and direction the property gets the sun instead.

Yes, it would be lovely to move straight into a new home exactly as you’d like it to be but you might be paying over the odds for an immaculate, finished property, so look at buying something that’s liveable that you can put your stamp on in time and when you can afford to. It’s a good idea to live in a property to discover what would work well for you before completing any work. More importantly you will increase the value of your home long term.

So much is possible in terms of visually transforming properties now. Some perfect examples are upgrading the windows and doors, painting or rendering the exterior, smartening up the drive and garden, simplifying the interior decoration….

If you’re viewing a busy or cluttered property, make sure you look up and focus on the space on the ceiling as this reflects the space at ground level but without all of the furniture etc. That’s another reason why property floor plans are so helpful as they help you to solely focus on the space available.

Keep a scrap book or Pinterest board to collate all the design ideas that appeal to you for future reference. Some jobs can be easily done yourself, and YouTube and Google have so many ‘how to’ videos to assist you.

Yes, you may need to save up to pay a professional to help with certain jobs on your new home, but you can relax in the fact that you have secured your soon to be dream home in your dream location which you are now making your own and you’re making the best investment.

Andrew Granger & Co’s experienced property sales teams are ready to help you to find your dream home and are very knowledgeable when it comes to the areas local to each of the offices based in Leicester, Loughborough and Market Harborough. Find out more at