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Andrew Granger & Co’s tips for finding your dream home in Leicestershire

Fri 10 July 2020

We all have a dream home that we would love to live in, and the great thing is everyone’s ideal home is different.


Yours may be a period property while someone else’s may be something modern and open plan – or a combination of the two. Perhaps you long for a large garden or more land or rural views. Whatever it might look like, here are our tips to make your property dream more of a reality.



Researching locations and what properties sell for in those locations is key. Is a property in that location achievable for you and is the location really going to work? Your ideal may not actually be that ideal due to the commute time, local schools and amenities and your budget and you could be missing out on your dream home in another location you had not already considered. Spend time in and driving around locations you’re considering first so you’re sure where you want to concentrate your property search.



The reality for most of us is that we’ll have to compromise slightly on our dream home. Really take time to talk and consider the vital elements of your home for you whether its location, property size, off road parking or garden size etc. Again, this will make your home owning goal more achievable. How well a property works for you will determine how happy you’ll be there.


Think outside the box

Our advice would be to view everything that ticks the boxes on your list even though it may not look like your ultimate dream home. The more that you view, you’ll instantly know the right house when you step inside it. If you have vision, there really is so much that can be done to property these days to change it immeasurably. Don’t forget properties can be extended and refurbished but you can’t change its location.


Talk to a local estate agent

If something like your dream house comes up for sale, you want to be the first to hear about. If you go and speak to a local estate agent, they’ll make you aware of new potential listings as soon as they hit the market. You’ll be the first to know – sometimes before the property is even listed online giving you an ideal opportunity to view and secure it first.


Leicestershire estate agent

Andrew Granger & Co has houses and apartments for sale across Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. If you are looking for a property close to central Leicester or want a property on the outskirts, perhaps close to Market Harborough or Loughborough, get in touch with our sales team on one of the telephone numbers below:


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