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Making your property worth more is really this simple…

Wed 7 December 2022

With finances becoming stretched and the property market beginning to favour buyers, Peter Buckingham of Andrew Granger & Co. explains how sellers can maximise their return through simple, cost-effective actions.

We’re all trying to find ways to make our money stretch a little further these days. And for home sellers the best way is to make their properties worth more. That might sound like an expensive exercise, but it really doesn’t have to be.
To add more value the first thing you need to do is to find more room. We’ve said it before but the easiest way to do this is to simply declutter. Everything you don’t need in your home that isn’t beautiful, useful, or valuable is hiding extra space from a potential buyer. Put another way, everything you take out can make your property more attractive to a purchaser.
The next stage will only cost you a bit more time and a few cleaning products and you’ve guessed it, some elbow grease. You need to clean and polish your property as if achieving the best price depends on it – because it does. All this effort will be worth it.
Once that’s finished, choose a highly experienced estate agent who will also be delighted to make some buyer-friendly suggestions. You want to get the best price, so listen to good advice.
Now, step back and look at your ‘new’ home. If you are so thrilled that you think it belongs to someone else, or you are tempted not to sell at all but stay put, then you know you have done a great job and that prospective buyers will be impressed.
Of course, you could add a loft extension, build a fabulous room with bi-fold doors to the garden, dig out a basement room, re-fit the kitchen and bathroom, engage a firm of professional cleaners or hire stagers. But de-cluttering and cleaning is always the most cost-effective way to get more for your property.

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