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Need help surviving the current lockdown? Andrew Granger & Co have a few top tips.

Thu 18 February 2021

Two things are certain – we didn’t think we’d be here again, and everyone is finding it a lot harder this time round so here at Andrew Granger & Co we’ve put together our top tips for surviving lockdown number three.

One thing lockdown does give us is more time, even if just at the weekends, and if that means we can put a bit more time into ourselves then that is definitely a positive and something we should all concentrate on.

·       A feast – you can’t beat the comfort of food. Why not use the opportunity to look up recipes and try something new?

·       A little tipple – now dry January is over we can all enjoy a glass of our favourite drink. Have you thought about having a go at making your own? There are lots of easy kits available online.

·       Music – never underestimate the power of a good song. It really lifts the spirits, and you can’t beat a kitchen disco – on your own, with your partner or the kids!

·       A bath – such a simple thing but after just a few minutes soaking in the tub you’ll feel like a new person.

·       A home update/DIY project – lets face it we just don’t have any excuses left and you’ll feel so much better for having that DIY project completed. Anything that makes the spaces around us feel better at the moment is a win, win.

·       A place to read – a break away from our phones and a few minutes peace to switch off from the day. Create a little corner of a room that provides a reading retreat, and you won’t regret it.

·       A fire – what is it about a fire to bring warmth, comfort, and a focus to a room? If you don’t have a fire you can recreate a similar ambience using candles grouped together - even better in your favourite scent.

·       An exercise retreat – exercise is so important for our mental and physical health, particularly now, and we can all find 15 minutes a day for a walk, run or online class.

·       A bit of organisation – again, that job you’ve been putting off for ages. You’ll feel so much better in so many ways for getting it done. Sorting out that drawer, cupboard or wardrobe. The secret is to concentrate on one job at a time and build up. Don’t forget to celebrate the smallest of wins along the way!

·       And finally – the power of a letter, phone call, or video call. Get in touch with that person you’ve been thinking about. You’ll both benefit from it enormously. Small gestures mean huge things to people, especially at the moment.

One day at a time we’ll get there together.