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The property type that’s frequently overlooked and why it shouldn’t be...

Thu 13 July 2023

Peter Buckingham of Andrew Granger & Co. looks at a property market sector that offers buyers bags of often unnoticed potential.

We’d like to speak up in favour of the much-forgotten bungalow. Those who live in these stairless homes understand what many others do not; that life is beautiful in a bungalow. Single-storey dwelling is easy and convenient, and in essence, is like living in a superb apartment but with huge benefits - no one above and below you and your own front door and parking area. Plus, as bungalows can occupy a larger footprint than traditional houses and often enjoy wide plots, there is usually a sizeable garden to benefit from too.

Bungalows are not just for the older generation; they can often be easily altered to provide an ideal and modern open-plan style of living for all age groups, including families.
Many house buyers are just that – buyers of houses. Most don’t think to add bungalows to their search. They should, as even the humblest bungalow can often offer more lifestyle options than you may think.
Of course, subject to planning permission, you could always add another floor and double the living space or, in the case of some poorly constructed inter-war bungalows built on great plots in wonderful locations, you could knock the place down and start again.

We are not just house experts; we are bungalow experts too. You could just be missing out on your perfect home in your perfect location without even realising it. Click here to get in touch with one of our experienced sales teams based in Leicester, Loughborough, and Market Harborough, to discover the range and advantages of bungalow living.