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Top tips on keeping your home safe during hot weather

Thu 21 July 2022

This recent heatwave has got us at Andrew Granger & Co. thinking and prompted us to share some advice on keeping your home safe during particularly hot spells – something we all need reminding of.


As temperatures soar, fires in buildings and from sources of vegetation may happen spontaneously as materials reach their ‘flash point’.


It’s worth being more vigilant and looking out for glass vases, glass ornaments, mirrors, spare spectacles etc. left near windows that might focus the sun’s rays on nearby paper, fabric, or even furniture. Even things like broken glass in a pile of garden rubbish is an absolute no, no.


Anyone living in a thatched cottage will be benefitting from the high insulation qualities of their thick rush roof, but they should also be mindful to look out for accidental ignition sources. 


Now is a good time to re-read that fire evacuation plan you have and to check that your firefighting equipment is up to date and/or still works. Perhaps you haven’t got any, and this may prompt you to buy some?


Then there’s just the simple things we can all do such as keep the blinds and curtains closed, as well as just opening windows on the shady sides of buildings, not overloading plug sockets, and keeping electrical items out of the sun.


With these basic checks in place, you can rest a little easier and just enjoy the sun instead.