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Will a home office add value to my property?

Mon 17 October 2022

Covid-19 changed the way in which a lot of people now work. And a survey by Posturite, a workplace health, wellbeing, and ergonomics company indicates that 48% of people who work from home now have a designated space for doing so.

And the breakdown of where people are working in their homes is very interesting. The figures show that a dedicated study in the house the most popular choice at 41%, followed by using a spare bedroom at 21%, and the living room at 11%. And 7% of people work from a garden office, with then pretty much every other room in the house, completing the results. 

As well as the importance of having a designated workspace for the quiet and concentration, it’s just as important to have the right set up for your home office in an ergonomic way to limit the risk of aches, pains, and injuries – a kitchen table and chair, or armchair just aren’t suitable for your posture and productivity.

But an elected workspace isn’t just better for your productivity and posture, it can also add value to your home.

In an article from The Property Centre, research says that the best way to add value to your property is to create a garden office. According to them an average cost to build a garden office is £9,000 with the return being an average of 8.4% of the property value. Based on a £9,000 build cost and a home worth £300,000, that’s a possible property value increase of over £22,000.

The popularity of these spaces is the extra, flexible accommodation that can be used for several purposes, the draw for people working from home, and the general ‘wow’ factor.

Our Professional Director, Andrew Robinson has had his garden office for over 15 years now and says: “I don’t think I quite appreciated how beneficial I’d find the space away from the home when I decided to build it all those years ago. It really has been invaluable, particularly over the last three years and with how the working world has changed. For anyone that’s considering a home working space, I would highly recommend it. Mine even has a wood burning stove so when it gets lit, that’s me set for the day!”

If you have an outbuilding project in mind, it’s best to check if it requires planning permission before you get started. You can find lots of useful information and advice here: Planning Permission - Outbuildings - Planning Portal.


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