April 20, 2015

Does the smell of freshly baked bread really help to sell your house?

Dispelling property myths with good selling advice

TV property gurus sometimes suggest that baking bread or cakes before an open house adds a homely aroma that seduces viewers into buying the property, but does this really work?
There has been some research done in the US that casts doubt on the idea.
Eric Spangenberg from Washington State University found that complicated smells distract viewers trying to identify their source so that they fail to really pay attention to the property. He found that potpourri and chocolate chip cookies, among other attractive aromas, actually make no contribution to selling a house.
Some aromas are better than others. Simple and easy to recognise smells such as cinnamon, lemon or orange are good bets as they are familiar and fresh.
All homes have a unique scent that the occupiers will not notice. It could be clean laundry, it could be an old rug, a pet basket or a waste bin that is overdue for emptying.
So if you’re getting your home ready for a viewing, make sure there are no lingering smells that might be off-putting or distracting. It is always a good idea to take pets out of the house, do a deep clean of the areas they lie in and get someone to look after them while you’re having viewings.


It takes a bit of effort to get your house super clean and tidy so that it doesn’t look – or smell – like it’s lived in, and to present a blank canvas for potential buyers, but it’s absolutely worth it. At least you won’t have to spend time baking bread or biscuits!
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