October 17, 2017

Don’t judge a house by the décor

Selling a home, decorations

Home decor when selling a house

When viewing a property, there are a number of must-haves and things that you look out for. It’s natural. You might want a large kitchen, a certain number of bedrooms or a bay window perhaps. Some of these things are important and it would be a problem or costly addition should the property doesn’t have them.

There are, however, some areas that are more influential in our buying decision than we might think. An example of this is the décor. New research has found that a massive 37 per cent of people would decide not to buy a house if they didn’t like aspects of its décor.

Refusing to place an offer on an ideal looking property simply because the décor doesn’t match with your taste can be a costly one. Areas like interior décor and the exterior of a home can easily be remedied at a cheap cost if necessary. It’s an easy trap to fall in to, but remember that you aren’t buying the décor.

Try to look beyond the visuals and see the layout, size, and functionality of the property. People’s tastes vary. What you might think is a tasteful leopard print wallpaper, others will disagree.

You can’t expect every house you view to have a décor that suits your taste. Buyers will more often than not have to either make sacrifices or add their own touches to the décor once the property has been purchased. If the décor is a problem for you, think about how you can change the home for the better rather than focusing on the negatives.

What a seller can do to make décor tasteful

If you are selling your home and don’t want to put off those that will judge your décor, there are some simple steps to follow to make sure you appeal to the masses.

  • Redecorate any neglected rooms
  • Use neutral colours to paint walls
  • Replace any tiles and floorboards
  • Carpets should be cleaned

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