August 26, 2014

House selling tips from Andrew Granger & Co

Professional ‘House selling tips’


Selling your home can be a daunting prospect. The truth is most houses sell themselves, and yours can be one of them if you follow these useful tips from Andrew Granger & Co for preparing to sell, dealing with estate agents and showing potential buyers around.

  • If The Price Is Right While it is tempting to go with the highest valuation you need to be realistic. Check the prices on similar properties and contact the agents selling them. Ask three or four to come and give you a valuation.
  • A Perfect ViewIf your agent can’t supervise the viewing, do it yourself. Be flexible about timing even if it’s inconvenient.
  • No loitering A good estate agent will show potential buyers around a property as part of the service, so let them. If you need to be at home, be welcoming but discreet. Try and keep children and pets out of the way, anything to make viewers feel they are not imposing.
  • Second ChancesAt the end of a viewing, offer the buyer(s) another opportunity to take a look at your property or make a firm appointment for another day.
  • Keep Tabs On Your Agent No news isn’t always good news. Your agent should give you feedback after each viewing and be frank about anything you should change. Ask yours to tell you straight. Find out what made buyers choose another property over yours and, where possible, make changes.
  • Spread The Word Always have a board up, and tell your neighbours – word of mouth is a powerful tool. Use property sites such as RightMove and Zoopla to list your house. Even social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can come in handy. But don’t forget your local Newspaper – yes people still read them!


We hope you found our Top Tips useful! If you missed the first two installments, call 0116 254 4472 to request a free printed guide including all of our advice on How to Sell Your Home.