Lettings & Tenancies

Lettings & Tenancies

Lettings and Tenancies are complex and whether you are the Landlord or Tenant it is important that you receive the best advice.

We have experience in a wide range of lettings including Agricultural Holdings Act and Farm Business Tenancies, House/cottage lettings, commercial tenancies, grazing lets, solar farms, sporting rights, allotments and telecoms.

The legislation around property lettings is often changing – we are able to offer advice on how landlords stay compliant.

Our bespoke service can be tailored to your individual requirements and includes:

  • Marketing

  • Property Lettings

  • Management/Rent Collection

  • Tenancy Agreement drafting

  • End of Tenancy advice

  • Succession Claims

  • Rent Reviews

  • Ongoing Tenancy Matters

  • Tenant Referencing

  • Tenancy Deposit Matters