Mayfair Group

Working together is what sets us apart

What is the Mayfair Group?  Well, it is just about the best thing to happen to buyers and sellers of property for a very long time – a group of expert independent estate agents really working together in the interests of all home movers.

 Like so many of our high streets over the past few years, estate agency has become top-heavy with corporate brands.  This may be all well and good for fashion and food chains but property is a very personal and local business.

People’s homes are not commodities to be traded like socks and wares.  They are a person’s most valuable possession representing a huge investment both in money and emotion.
We are proud to have been selected as a member of the Mayfair Group which brings together the most knowledgeable and experienced independent estate agents across the UK.  Many have worked in their locality for most, if not all, of their working lives. We are people who know and appreciate local property and what it means to buyers and sellers.
But it is not just at a local level that we in the Mayfair Group can help home moves. With over 300 offices across the UK we are one of the largest and most effective networks of estate agents in the country.  There are also 150 Mayfair Group offices overseas, all linked through the powerful Mayfair Office website, which features some 16,000 properties.
What is the most effective thing we can do to help you buy or sell property? The answer is to put you in direct contact with the best and leading estate agent in the place you want to be - the sort of firm that you would willingly recommend to friend or family.  

Indeed the Mayfair Group is like a family, a family of experts in all types of property; experts in local, regional, national and international property marketing; experts in internet property marketing; experts even in coastal property and equestrian property. 
But above all we are experts in property where you live.  And that makes us the most important property experts of all.