October 27, 2017

What to do if your property isn’t selling

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We’re all well aware just how stressful selling a home can be. There is a lot to think about and sellers want the process to go as smoothly and as fast as possible. With every passing month the concern rises and before you know it, it can be half a year or even over a year without any serious interest coming.

The location, property type, time of year, demand all influence the speed of a sale so no sale period is the same. If your property is taking longer than you would expect to sell, you shouldn’t be alarmed but you should be confident in claiming that you are doing everything possible to attract potential buyers.

Is there a magic formula to getting your house sold? No. But there are changes that can be made to certainly improve your chances. Here are some tips when struggling to sell your home.

Take a break

What might sound counterintuitive may actually work. If your house has been on the market for a long time, buyers will have a mental note to avoid your listing fearing that something is wrong or they will use your time on the market as a negotiating tool.

If you can afford to, removing your property for a month or two means that you can come back with a fresh description, images and maybe some renovations.

Change the price

Perhaps the most obvious of our tips is the price. The price is the bottom line and is what most buyers go on; everyone has a budget. If your home ticks every box but is out of a budget, buyers will go elsewhere.

If it has been some time since your property was listed, it could be advantageous to have a new valuation undertaken. Markets change and if you are priced well above other similar houses nearby, you lose your competitiveness. Something as small as a couple of thousand pounds reduction can sometimes be enough to spark interest.

Shake up your advertising

The first impression that potential buyers will have on your property is from the photographs. It is therefore vital that they are taken as well as possible. If it is now summer and your original photos were taken in winter, get some sunny summery shots. You’ll be amazed at the different bright, well-lit rooms can make.

If your listing’s detail remains unchanged, buyers will notice and you’ll soon end up at the bottom of the pile. Update your listing with things that will appeal to your target audience.

Make improvements

We don’t mean spend a fortune on a new kitchen or bathroom, as by doing this it is unlikely you’ll get your money back. You can, however, ensure your home is presentable by having a tidy up and clearing surfaces for property viewings.

Other low costs ideas to give your property a makeover include giving rooms a new coat of paint, completing DIY jobs and place some attractive plants in the garden.

Here are our tips for conduction a property viewing.

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