April 14, 2016

Tips for conducting a successful property viewing

tips for conducting a successful property viewingProperty viewings


The house viewing is the most important component of the house sale. It is also one of the hardest components to get right. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of areas you can work on when showing would-be buyers around your home:


Make your home the best of its ability. Buyers are naturally going to be drawn to a property which is clean, well looked after and is presentably decorated. Too much clutter and you will give off a bad first impression and they’re something that you don’t get another attempt at.

Buyers will try to visualise themselves living in your property. If the house is too quirky, or has a heavy character to your taste then that makes it harder for them. It’s a fine balance to strike – it is necessary to avoid making the house look dull and plain – but as a rule, the less is more approach is advised.

Understand your property’s best features

The feature of the property varies from home to home but every property has one. Example of this can be a spacious well-maintained garden, a refurbished kitchen with mod cons or an open plan area.

Explain the benefits to the viewers, don’t be afraid to praise this being a feature of your property. Do this in an understated way, over-enthusiasm will put people off and give the impression that you are desperate to sell.

Make viewers comfortable

If the viewers are going to put an offer in on the property they must be made to feel instantly at home in their new surroundings. The buyers will be looking to explore every area of the house. Let them, give them complete freedom to figure it out. This is not them trying to find fault, this is them making sure that the house is the one for them.

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